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Posted by on April 17, 2018

Everybody wants their mobile phone to work like Star Wars holographic conferencing cell phone that may be possible. The latest technology may be a combination of spectral imaging and the holographic 3D projection, but the user will not know or care where it started from.

The main breakthroughs in the science of holography technology are said to be in past and scientist which brought about technology are all dead now. Nonetheless, the vision does live on in the field, with some rather different and well-qualified evangelists. For example, James D. Trolinger and Vladimir Markov of Metro Laser in California have some questions they ask us to ponder:

  • Where are the applications with the biggest potential?
  • Will we ever see 3D films, TV, and telecoms through the holography?
  • Will the holographic displays art ever become publicly accepted art form like photography, painting, and sculpture?
  • Why did the holography museums, research organizations, departments in universities, exhibitions, and firms spring up everywhere in the late twentieth century just to become almost extinct in the twenty-first century?
  • Why did almost simple applications of holography like jewelry, decoration, and painting flower out and almost die in just some years periods?
  • Why is the single holographic portrait of the U.S. president not hanging in his presidential library?

These all questions have indeed provided the Online Think Tank to study deeper. Today one main company has designed a video projection mobile phone, the size of a brick, although the Moore’s Law will soon make that. You can also play a video on your phone on top of the 3D Hologram Video Projector for Smartphones.

So, there are Research and Development notes available for the next step, those very simple applications that are desired by the industry and customers alike. The Star Wars Holographic conferencing Device is one main item that people need and would pay for that could quickly become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry almost now.