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Posted by on July 30, 2017

How many of you are aware of Spotify???

People who love music, who feel music are fully aware of this app. YES….SPOTIFY is now available as an app, which has narrowed down your search for lyrics and has brought “behind the lyrics” feature for your android phone.

Introduction To Spotify: In actual, Spotify is a music podcast and video streaming service, which was originally launched in the year 2008, on October 7. It was established by the startup Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

It offers direct digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media companies.

In short, Spotify is a freemium service, which means….The basic features are free with ads, while supplementary features, along with Spotify lyrics of every single song, amended streaming quality and offline music downloads, are provided through paid subscriptions.

Other Added Features:

• Can view info of artist or album.
• Start your own private session for pleasure.
• Save your newly discover weekly playlists in a personal folder.
• Long-press to preview the song.

Owners of Spotify Company have mentioned in their recent interview that the “behind the lyrics” feature is finally making its way over to Android, where it will primarily be obtainable across a small handful of playlists.

Worldwide Android users will freely able to see the Behind the Lyrics commentary on Spotify’s own personally invented curated playlists:

• Hip Hop  
• Today’s Top Hits.

spotify playlist

While listening to songs on any of these playlists, the tracks will automatically pop up lyrical extracts, along with fun facts and stories from the artists themselves. That’s what Spotify has claimed during the launch of these two features. You will discover hidden features of Spotify once you start using it .

Additional Information: In Spotify official website, a section is enabled as “Spotify’s impact on piracy”. This section is implemented to put a HALT to the exploitation of musician’s work. Spotify even states that it has established the theory ‘given a free and lawful alternative due to which people won’t easily able to pirate the music.